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Gwaneumjeon - The Hall to Avalokitesvara

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photo 1998-2000 Abe Ahn and Tim Ciccone from

This hall is called the Gwaneumjeon and enshrines the Bodhisattva of Infinite Compassion, Gwaneum or Avalokitesvara.  Records show that a Gwaneumjeon was built in 1613 and rebuilt in 1721.  The architectural style suggests it was also rebuilt at a later date.  On most of my visits this has been the busiest place at the temple.

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Inside the Hall

photo 2000 Kerk Phillips

Gwansaeeum Bosal is the Korean name for the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.  Gwaneum is generally depicted as female in East Asia and is known for her Infinte Compassion.  She is said to have 1001 different mainifestations which are symoblized by a thousand smaller Gwaneum images which line the walls on the right side of the hall.