Main Courtyard

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This is the main courtyard of the temple.  The lecture hall lies at the top of the stairs coming up from the thrid gate, Purimun.  To the right from the stairs is the Belfry with it's four instruments.  To the left of the courtyard is the monk's college, library and, beyond that, the living quarters.  To the right are two small halls dedicated to Maitreya and Vairocana.  Next to these is a gate leading to one of the temple's two Zen meditation halls, the Kumosonwon.  There are a Shilla-era stone lamp and a three-story stone pagoda in the center.  At the top of the courtyard up a wide stairway is the main hall or "Taeungjun".

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The right-hand side of the Courtyard
(Pojeru on the left, Shimgomdang in the middle, Taeungjon on the right)
photo 2000  Kerk Phillips

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The left-hand side of the Courtyard
(left to right: Pirojon, Miruljon, Gate to the Sonwon, Pojeru)
photo 2000  Kerk Phillips

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Stone Flagpole Holder (near the Shilla Lamp)
photo 2001  Kerk Phillips

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