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Cheonwangmun - Gate of the Heavenly Kings

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photo 2000  Kerk Phillips

This is the second gate, the "Gate of the Four Heavenly Kings" or Cheonwangmun.  It was originally built in 1699, but has been rebuilt and remodeled several times since then.   The four kings or divas are set here to guard the entrance of the temple.

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Inside the Gate

Virupaksa, Guardian of theWest

Vaisravana, Guardian of the North

Dhrtarastra, Guardian of the East

Virudhaka, Guardian of the South

all photos 1998 Kerk Phillips

The Four Heavenly Kings dwell in the heaven closest to this earth and guard the four cardinal directions.

The placement of the four kings in the gate is given by the following map:


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The gate has been repainted since my first visit in 1980.  Here is what it looked like then.

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