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Bell Tower

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photo 2001  Kerk Phillips

This is the main bell tower for the temple.  It was originally built in 1613 as part of the rebuilding of Pomosa following the 1592 Japanese Invasion.   The current tower was rebuilt in 1889.

The bell tower contains four percussion instruments: a large bronze bell (Pomjong), a wooden drum (Popko), a bronze gong (Unpan), and a large wooden fish (Moko).

BELL.JPG (15868 bytes)
photo from Pomosa booklet

MOKO.JPG (24996 bytes)
photo from Pomosa booklet

The lower level of the tower is a small store that sells postcards, souvenirs and Buddhist paraphernalia.

Here is a photo of the tower from 1980

There is a second bell tower in the monk's complex to the left of the main courtyard which is generally not accessible to the public and which is used on a regular basis.  This tower is used only for special occasions.

Follow this link to see a photo of the bell tower taken in 1904.