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Jijangjeon - The Hall to Ksitigarbha

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photo 2001  Kerk Phillips

This hall was originally called  the Myeongbujeon or "Hall of the Ten Judges of Hell", a name that is common at other temples.  It was originally built in 1613 and rebuiult in 1891.  The hall burned down in 1988 and was rebuilt in 1990.   The prior building stood on a different spot which is now a courtyard to the left of the current building.  The 7-story pagoda stood on this site until 1989.

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Inside the Hall

photo 1998 Kerk Phillips

The main figure here is Jijang or Ksitigarbha, the Bodhisattva who cures suffering.  Jijang goes to the various levels of hell and pleads with the souls of men to repent.  The figures to the left and right of Jijang represent Domyeong and Mudeok.  There are ten other figures enshrined here representing the kings of the ten levels of hell.  Click here for a list in Korean & Chinese of the 10 kings and the levels of hell over which they rule.  In additon there are two proxy judges, two scribes & two guardian figures in the hall.  The figure in the photo above to the right of Jijang Bosal is King Mudeok.

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Here is the layout of the images in the hall.

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photos 2000 Kerk Phillips

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Here is a photo taken in 1980 of the interior of the old hall.

For a photo of the Myeongbujeon from 1904 follow this link.